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The Original Denmark Street Repair Shop

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Some of our repair services


Our comprehensive repairs service covers every aspect of stringed instrument repair, from re-stringing to a full re-build.


Minor scratch removal to full re-finishing, we have more than 35 years of finishing experience.


Protect your investment. A written appraisal from Noden Guitars complete with documentary photo evidence, allows you to establish the current market value of your instrument.


One off guitars as unique as the music you play, where the only limit is your imagination.

The First Choice for Instrument Repair

State of the Art Systems

We use our own custom database and invoicing software to improve customer experience and provide easy access to all information

Insured & Secure

We are fully insured up to £10M and have multiple on site security systems to protect your assets

Customer Service Focused

Quick and easy, all quotes emailed and invoices automatically sent to customer and confirmation of completion sent via text and email

Our Process


We need to know what condition your instrument is in and what you want from it. Once we’ve got an idea of what you’re looking for we’ll look to provide a quote for a range of options to suit you, your instrument and your budget.


Once we have agreed on a course of action, we offer three turn around time options:

Standard: 5 working days | Fast: 2 to 3 | Same day


On completion you will receive an email and a text to let you know that your instrument is ready for collection.

We realise that you’re going to need to try your instrument at home to really know whether we’ve got hings spot on. So once you’ve collected your instrument you still have a two month warranty period for any little tweaks you might want.

Professional, personal and friendly service.

Joncan Kavlakoglu

Cheery and helpful, quality work and advice.

Matteo Pozzuto

Your instrument will receive the best care and attention like it was the most important instrument in the world.

Angel Os

Used them a bunch of times and always found them to be knowledgeable.

Peter Martin

100% satisfied. They are very passionate about instruments and they do just about everything!

Adam Cross

Needed an emergency setup on a severely battered Strat. They turned it round in 2 hrs – and did a great job too!

Ed Scottie

Lowell was fantastic. He was polite and spent time explaining the issues and what had to be done.

Sam Hudson

The absolute best in the world, been going here for 15 years!

Feadora Morris

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ALL THE KNOBS! Why settle for two mental controls on your guitar when you could have five?! @zvexeffects fuzzfactory install here on a Telecaster HH. Utterly bonkers in every respect. 
#denmarkstreet #guitarrepairs #zvex #luthiery #customguitar #fender #insanesound #fuzzfactory #knobs #childishhashtags
Possibly the coolest looking guitar @fender ever made..? 1964 Fender Jaguar, all original, super clean and now super shiny! Also looking for a new home if you're in the mood for a sexy new Jag in your life! #fender #vintageguitar #jaguar #offset #guitarrepairs #guitarporn #denmarkstreet #vintageguitars #london #shinythings
Perfect start to a cold Saturday when you'd much rather be in bed! 1957 @fender Stratocaster which although it's clearly been played, is in astonishingly good condition. Even has it's original ash tray cover. A little heavier than you might expect, quite pronounced V neck, 5.7k - 6.2k cranked up through 63 deluxe whilst no one was around to complain. Happy Straturday! #Stratocaster #vintagestrat #vintageguitar #guitarporn #guitar #guitarrepairs #denmarkstreet #luthier #guitarnerd #straturday
Continuing to PRS-cession we just finished a full overhaul on this @prsguitars hollowbody II inc. new @lrbaggsofficial piezo tailpiece, updated circuitry, pots, re-wired pickups for coil splitting, gold polepieces, fret dress and @thomastikinfeld flat wound strings. It was a lot of work, but it's now a very versatile littlw guitar, sounds great and the mixed nickel and gold hardware looks incredible!

#prsguitars #lrbaggs #thomastik #guitar #guitarrepairs #luthier #denmarkstreet #customguitar #bloodsweatandtears
Continuing the @prsguitars theme today we have SE 24 in for a refurb including a  @seymourduncanpickups 59 paf and Custom pickups, @Switchcraft and CRL parts. With the coil splits they make a versatile little combo!
Fully hollow, super lightweight and pretty as hell @prsguitars hollowbody II in today. If only they did one with a @bigsby tail piece! #prsguitars #archtop #hollow #denmarkstreet #guitarrepairs #guitarporn #bigsby
1960 Fender Stratocaster fingerboard repair. Someone had inexplicably carved 'Judy' in to the Brazilian rosewood board. We removed the offending material and replaced it with a strip from Brazilian rosewood bridge blank. Then reprofiled the board, cut the slots, replaced the missing clay dots and re-fretted. Nice.

#guitarrepairs #denmarkstreet #vinatgeguitar #fender #Stratocaster #whoisjudy #brazilianrosewood #guitarporn #luthier
PRS Custom 22 project. Looking to turn this mid 90's factory spec C22 into a Neal Schon - esque monster complete with Sustainiac music sustainer, @roland_us Gk3 pickup, @floydroseofficial Original tremolo, custom inlays and @jescarmusic stainless steel re-fret.  Phew!

First steps done!

#customguitar #guitarrepairs #sustainiac #prsguitars #nealschon #denmarkstreet #floydrose #inlay
K&K pickups are finally back in stock, albeit probably not for very long!

#K&K #acousticpickup #acousticguitar #guitarrepairs #denmarkstreet
Well who wouldn't want a 5 string, half scale, pj bass ukulele conversion eh?

#guitarrepairs #denmarkstreet #luthier #custombass #ukulele #seymourduncan #fender #kala #precisionbass #jazzbass
All original 1953 Fender Telecaster in for a tune up. Complete with original case, ash tray, spare phone book cap and strap.

#guitarrepairs #vinatgeguitars #fender #telecaster #denmarkstreet #guitarporn #coolasfuck #gearnerds
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